I found a list of "good ideas" that I used to keep

I think they want to be free


  1. Android app eMonk : disables Text(speak), Phone(hear), Browser(see). Somehow use the Monkey (get it?) emoji to return status to other people, or to remind yourself.

  2. Ski pole with built-in slope meter. Someone already made this: http://poleclinometer.com/. I actually bought a couple at the end of last winter, I'm excited to try them out. Funny story: this same company was set up at the bottom of JHMR one weekend and I stopped by and said that I've long thought about creating a "Ski Pole Inclinometer". The poleclinometer.com guy laughed at me and said "It's a clinometer. Inclinometer is an oxymoron." My first thought was "No, you're an oxymoron" -- and I was right :) So take that!

  3. "smooch" sound to take a picture with camera

  4. Super simple home automation via cron and home server

  5. Util for simple AWS setups where you want to open a security group to YOUR IP only. The util just knows how to open/close this SG whenever you need to SSH into your server.

  6. NewsAlarm: wake up to some podcast or audio feed like Jim Woodmency's mountainweather.com.

  7. What tech could redistribute wealth? Can anything do this automatically? What about making it super easy to tap a button on your phone to give small donations to some charity...?

  8. A JS game that uses emoji as characters etc. Skiing?

  9. Powder Day Service: watches snowfall and alerts services if it's a powder day. IFTT? Slack? Vacation Responder?

  10. Make GPG Easy. An app to pass secret notes or something.

  11. An Android app that acts as an SMS proxy taking incoming messages and sending them to a service the forwards to another number that I use on a simple phone

  12. work on behalf of govt, cross referencing missing and wanted public lists w internal company lists. Implement this API for govt. Think: consuming the API at twitter to search for wanted and missing people.

  13. site to watch windmills generate energy. With gauges for current output, and a way to tell the lay-man how much power that really is.

  14. Go project: Timebomb unix utility. composable. Just rm's a file after a certain time period. Think: removing someone's public key from a server after 3 days. Recurring timebomb for blowing away browser caches. who knows what else.

  15. web utilities for the everyman. chainable pipeable. Like simple composeable unix utilities but via API.

  16. Guitar Mirror: A way to easily show the mirror of a YouTube video. Collect together how-to videos for playing songs on instruments and flip them around for easy learning. I learn best by watching other peoples hands.

  17. a way to know who to vote for. I want to trust Jim Stanford. I want to pull up my phone and see the people he's going to vote for. I'll do the same.

  18. some manifestation of the golden rule. or "if you cant say something nice" a-la "How to win friends...". I'm not sure if this could be a utility, or has to be a game? i really just like these 2 premesis and would love to devote myself to them.

  19. poor mans data feed processing. extract relevant imfo from public feeds, deliver somehow. allow "ticker tape" news, as well as alerts. make it easy, regex-like?

  20. push based general alert network, for people. levels, subscriptions, quick alert from phone. neighborhood watch, people keeping track of things,

  21. Chime ringtones in apple store. for hippies.

  22. wifi router that has button to reset pw to a random string, and displays it. good for rental properties.

  23. service that simulates tech security threats and educates people who fall for it.

  24. infants first app.

  25. apps for people 50+. these people will soon control 70% of countrys disposable income. what do they need? I think it makes a lot of sense to think about servicing old people.

  26. bitcoin gambling

  27. power-tool kitchen appliances: blender, chopper, juicer, grinder, etc. All powered by the dewalt drill you already have.

  28. timebomb: file sharing, or message passing. all encrypted. settings to destroy after one view, or all sorts of other parameters?

  29. futuro: A way to send emails in the future. I want to send ellery a picture of my "heavy rotation" 16 years in the future.

  30. open source writing: words to live by. pull requests for writers. even just spelling changes.

  31. make a game about saving money. involve a real savings account.

  32. easy way to overlay data sets. open format. ratings, restaurants, campgrounds, anything.

  33. artillery / minecraft

  34. tag app

  35. Songr

    repeat 3 do | i |
     position 3 [email protected] }
     position i { @f.major(7).add(9)

    Use midiator gem + ruby jazz gem == fun project?

  36. Space game

  37. Create a foldable, perhaps tape-able origami piece from an 8.5x11 sheet that folds into a gramophone to make your iphone speaker louder. PaperGramIphone.

  38. Write poems to animate things. This app has a small vocabulary it knows about: Shapes. Verbs. They describe movement in 2d space. rotation. Logical And, Or Xor... And Colors! You could describe the movement of these shapes in english and run it. Is there a way to let people add "Words" that can be performed?

  39. evlove

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